The pleasures of the sea at Camping L’Armorique



At 800 m from the campsite you will find all the pleasures of the sea.

Several slipways that can be used at any time of the tide are accessible from the campsite L’Armorique****. The biggest one is about ten kilometres away: Crozon/ Morgat (paying in July/August) then come Camaret, Le Fret and Roscanvel all with free parking nearby!

For those who want to learn about the pleasures of sailing or others, the yacht club of Telgruc offers many activities.

Telgruc Nautical Center:

For the lovers of the big blue, the Peninsula of Crozon reserves you extraordinary dives! Dives of exploration, archaeological, underwater hunting, the approaches are multiple. The relatively moderate depth of the seabed along the coasts and the large number of shipwrecks offer today an impressive quantity of wrecks to visit.

The bay of Douarnenez is the ideal site to discover the fauna and flora that are still very abundant on our coasts.