La route des fortifications

Since prehistoric times, the Crozon peninsula has been marked by fortifications throughout the centuries. It is through 16 sites that you can discover the fortification route. From Lanvéoc to the tip of the Spanish.
Here are the 16 sites to discover during this escapade linked between historical monuments and breathtaking landscapes:

Lostmarc’h: barred spur (Iron Age) and guard house (19th century)

Feudal mound of Rozan: remains of a defensive enclosure (10th – 12th century)

Former abbey of Landévennec: defensive enclosure (13th – 14th century)

Vauban Tower of Camaret (17th century), listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the network of 14 major Vauban sites

Kador: U-shaped battery (18th century), powder magazine remains (19th century)

Doors of the Quélern lines: remains (18th – 19th century)

Pointe des Espagnols: model tower of the 1st Empire (19th century)

Toulinguet: model tower 1st Empire (19th century)

Aber: defensive guard house (19th century)

Postolonnec: defensive guard house (19th century)

Kador: defensive guard house (19th century)

Roscanvel: defensive guard house (19th century)

Dyke: defensive guard house (19th century)

Fort of Lanvéoc: door (19th century)

Fort of Landaoudec (19th century)

Kerbonn: batteries and powder magazine (19th century) and blockhouse (20th century)

We will provide you with documentation at the reception desk of camping L’Armorique to complete your visit of the fortification road.

You can find more information on the sites: