Abbey of Landevennec

Where the Alder joins Brest harbor, and in the heart of the forest, L’Abbaye de Landevennec is a preserved place. Protected from the prevailing winds, with the sea as a setting, this place has a special note with its palm trees and mimosas. This paradise beautifully turned towards the rising sun is an exceptional natural site, by the remains of the Carolingian cloister, the archaeological site and the museum of the old abbey, which tells the evolution of a monastic ensemble rooted in Breton history since more than fifteen centuries.

Throughout the year educational workshops, concerts, exhibitions and numerous events enliven the ruins of this major place of medieval archeology in Europe. In summer, you can also become an archaeologist apprentice or participate in a copyist workshop. A garden of the simple flowers again, recalling the interest that the herbalist monks carried to the plants.

It reigns on Landevennec a mild and serene climate, favorable to the rest of the soul … A place that I recommend you particularly! Museum of the old abbey 02 98 27 35 90.